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Cultural Events

In the context of its cultural contribution, the Community Council of Kato Platres organises the following events/exhibitions:

  1. Easter Celebrations.
    Decoration of the Easter Epitaph by local females.
    Chanting of the Virgin Mary's lament before the Epitaph by individuals of the community.
    A soccer match between "Married" and "Singles" is organised on Saturday of Passion Week, after the first Easter Mass liturgy. In the evening, the lighting of the "Lampratzia" (Easter Bonfire) takes place in the church's yard before the "Kalos Loos" (Resurrection ceremony).
    The traditional games in the elementary school's yard are organised on Easter Sunday (donkey racing, sack-racing, egg-racing, three-point shots competition, etc.).
    "Pilotta" (a kind of card game), backgammon, and chess competitions as well as a "tombola" (bingo) are organised on Easter Monday.
  2. Regional Cultural Week of Mountainous Resorts. The Community Council -with the collaboration of the other regional, mountainous resorts' community councils -organises the Regional Cultural Week that takes place during the last ten days of July. The organising of the events is transferred to one community every day. For the events of our community during the Cultural Week you should observe the schedule on our announcements page.
  3. Annual dance of the Friends of Kato Platres Club (Tornarides) in co-operation with the Community Council. The dance occurs during August. The event takes place in the yard of the Regional Elementary School and includes an artistic program and dancing by the elementary school's children.
  4. A large festival in honour of St. Demetrius -the community's patron saint -is organised on the 26 of October every year in front of the church.
  5. Christmas Celebrations. A Christmas evening is organised, in collaboration with the Friends of Kato Platres Club, with Santa Claus giving presents to the little children..



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